RWCBA Season Update: House of Bricks Edition

hello sports fans! RWCBA season 2 has started with a clang.  No not a bang, but a clang like the one hears from many jump shots hitting the rim and not going in.  Offensive efficiency is nowhere to be found with teams routinely shooting below 30% from the field.  Under criticism that league expansion was a mistake, RWCBA commissioner Hans Cho belives he’s found the answer:

Can this save the RWBA fg%?

When asked to comment on rumors that Nike would like to open the House of Clang sneaker store across from PS 111 to benefit from the sub par RWCBA league play, the commissioner chose to decline.  Let’s go on to the games:

Game 1: Above Average Joes(41) – Team Eric (27)

In the inaugural game of season 2, reigning MVP Ronell John continued where he left off last season with 24 points along with 4 3’s and a perfect 8-8 day from the line.  He may have found a perfect sidekick in bigman Peter Hatsorf who chipped in with 8 points and 11 boards.  Team Eric struggled without key offensive player Mark Ro who was again out in search of the McRib sandwich.  In the middle of the 2nd half, team captain Eric shouted at his team to make good passes, which brought a murmur from the crowd.  “Good passing? What’s that?” one RWCBAer asked another on the sideline.  “Ah dont worry about that,” the other replied. “It’s a myth.  like unicorns.  Just take the shots you want.”

Game 2: Surgical Strike (52) versus Jersey Shore All Stars (46)

A game of runs that eventually saw Surgical Strike’s youth and energy overcome the veteran savvy of the Jersey Shore All Stars.  Two of RWCBA’s premier big men, Dong Chul “DC” Paek and Timo, squared off in the middle with both playing well with 21 pts/13 rebs and 18 pts and 14 rebs respectively.  Team Captain Andy Oh has 6 assists for Surgical Strike which made heads explode as he broke the previous RWCBA high of 5.  Andrew Han wore penny 2s which were obviously admired by all.


Game 3: Team Jooheon(48) vs. Team Walter(34)

The final game of week 1 featured the core of last seasons champs in Team Walter.  Would their championship fuel them to even greater heights or would they suffer from the dreaded complacency of the Riley effect.  PF Eugene Park still must deal with the long distance girlfriend, an injury even tricker to deal with than plancar fasciatis.  SG John Park has also found love as he is heavily involved with Modern Warfare 2.  “who needs a girl when you have a scarh?” the sg was overhead telling friends.  Jooheon Yoon showed that his Jooheon Doin’ Work DVD should be a hotseller as he started the season off strong with 29 pts and 7 boards.  New big man Hyun Soo Ko made his defensive presence felt with 3 block shots.  Sadly, there was no finger waving.

Can this combo win a title?

Week 2:

game 1: Team Darkness (41) – Jersey Shore All Stars (38) Double OT

Another game that will go down in RWCBA history as the first overtime and double overtime game in RWCBA history.  While many overtime classics feature star players trading sick shots back and forth, these two teams got to double overtime another way by scoring zero points in the first overtime.  Clinton Lee provided the dagger 3 in the double overtime that put away the Jersey Shore All Stars into the Darkness.   Mike Oh almost tied a game with a 3 at the buzzer which rimmed out, prompting PF Kevin Kim to say that he almost crapped in his pants.  Since Kevin almost craps in his pants all the time, this quote was not considered newsworthy by anyone.

Please join RWC Welcoming. We need you. Yes you.

game 2: Team Ben 57 – Surgical Strike All stars 24.

An utter demolishing as team Ben came out and made a statement.  Captain Ben Shim singlehandedly outscored Surgical Strike 25-24 with an array of driving layups, jumpers and 3s.  Rumor has it that he used the NBA Jam Big heads Code in order to ensure that he would be on fire and unstoppable for the game.  Overall team ben shot 55% from the field, 72.7% from the free throw line and had one turnover.  Efficiency that has never been seen in RWCBA.  After the game, however, the team received bad news as key offensive cog sam kwon has decided to go on missions again.  Essentially the equivalent of microfracture surgery, the missions decision is a blow to team ben’s chances to win a championship.  but yay for God.


game 6: team jooheon 36 – team eric 32

A game where both teams struggled, and back to back 3s by jooheon and mikechung were too much for team eric to overcome.  New addition to the RWCBA WAGs jeannie huang was surpsingly quiet after her boo’s 3, prompting one blogger that she needs to get some lessons from some of the other WAGs.  Big man Hyunsoo all but locked up the blocks season lead with a four block effort.  Team Eric still struggles to find its offensive identity.



1. above average joes – the ronell/peter combo may be rwcba’s version of kobe and gasol.

2. team ben: an impressive first game, but can they recover from losing sam?

3.  team jooheon – a team where people are embracing their roles.  if hyunsoo develops on offense, watch out.

4.  team darkness – incredibly physical team with strong rebounding.  the key to this season will be half court offense.

5. team walter – the champ still live and die by the 3.

6. surgical strike – benson george where are you?  depth issues are hurting this team.

7. team eric – still trying to figure out their offense.

8. jersey shore all stars- too old.


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  1. ray on

    Nice commish, nice

  2. Jeannie on


    online cheering is almost as good as real life cheering.

  3. pauleeo on

    real life > virtual life

  4. jooooo on

    hyunsoo for president

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