RWCBA Season 2 Preview: lets get it onnnnnnnnnnnnnn

welcome back sports fans.  after a brief hiatus, rwcba will begin this week. a lot has happened since last season including the Jersey Shore, massachusets electing a republican senator, and the jets almost making the superbowl.  i’ll say it again, “anything is possibbbbbbbbleee.”  The great success of season 1 has led to league expansion to eight teams as well as the first ever RWCBA all-star game with fan voting.  that’s right, you the fans get to vote for your very own all stars.  will all of nyu vote for their fighting violets?   only time will tell.  anyway, here we go with the much awaited:


1. team walter – the defending champs come back minus dan, clinton and steve who were lost to league expansion.  still retaining the core of lamont, eugene, and jp, the defending champs add newcomers colin and jason chang to hteir starting five.  Deserving of  this top spot until proven otherwise, this team should defend its crown with honor.

will we see this picture again?

2. team joe – unstoppable force ronell is done selling citizen watches in the offseason and is now ready to capture the title that eluded him last season.  rabid jets fan joe now wants to be called the joechize.  peter is really tall.  jooho is good but never here.  all in all this will be a really good team.  doug kim likes duke and thus he sucks at life.  if you want proof here:

dook sucks.

3. team jooheon – another team with an unstoppable offensive force. jooheon has been doin work this offseason.  lots of it.  newcomer hyunsoo ko somehow has earned the title of developmental big man even though by his sheer height he is better than 80% of RWCBA.  newcomer jon oh has the same kicks as league mvp ronell john. could this lead to a rap-style feud?  only time will tell.  dongyung’s chest is really big. the end.

this kid's got tremendous upside potential

4.  team ben – the reincarnation of the nyu fighting violets with the starting five of sam kwon and aaron(current students), ben and paul(alums) and james juhn(grad school alum).  this team will have the support of the super fans, and consequently, this may be the starting five in the all star game.  sam and aaron should be a deadly offensive duo.

is this the future of the sam and aaron combo?

5. team andy – who’s the most important man on team andy? andy oh? dongchul paek?  nope. the most important man is the academic dean of touro medical college. team andy has 4 touro med students meaning that they are at the mercy of the med school testing schedule.  at full force, this could be a deadly team that has a little bit of everything.  but one bad test week, and we could have a situation. newcomer john kim sucks at life. that is all.

uhoh, medschool.

6. team clinton – A supremely athletic and physical team.  secretly no one cars whether this team wins or loses.  all we want to see is adam e. dunk in a game(preferably not on hanscho please).  if danillo gallinari can do it, so can you adam, we believe!.  kevin kim will be required to pee in a cup before all games. rumor also has it that he has been making his new puppy winston run 15 miles a day with him. PETA plans to rally at all of team clinton’s games.


7.  team eric – welcome to the basketball league 6’3 newcomer jake simon.  eric, if this guy is a ringer, i will kill you. this can be a solid team in the style of teamruckus if they figure out how to play together as the season goes along.  will mark ro make more trips down under to see his boo?  team eric hopes not.

doesnt really have anything to do with this team, but larry david is superawesome!

8. team hans AKA the jersey shore all stars.  so far the only team with a team name.  we have:

andrew han – the lumberjack(a jacked dood from canadaeh?  who jacks up shots)

timo as t-pain(bringing the pain inside)

jon kim as young jeezy(the young energetic sidekick of t-pain)

jon law as the producer(director of greenleaf productions, this stud produces on and off the court).

david lee as angelina (much like angelina was rarely see on jersey shore, david may be too busy saving lives as a doctor to make the games)

dan kim as the elder  (first he drops a 3, then he drops some wisdom).

mike oh as mikey o(notice, please spell without the h – the quintessential jersey boy.  he even roots for the nets.)

hans as the gamemaster(secretly enjoys playing board games more than basketball).

we may not win all of our games, but when we do, vigorous celebration will follow:




8 comments so far

  1. walter on

    it’s like the dreaded madden curse. from before season 1:

    so there are the teams. as for power poll for now i’ll go:
    1. jaemin. the early favorites. intimidating front line.

  2. joe on

    great job incorporating animated gifs. welcome to 1997.

  3. Steven on

    excellent post.

  4. mia on

    yay team walter! i got some thunder sticks from the knicks game the other night. so i’m ready to cheer this time around. pui – watch out! =D

  5. raymondtlee on

    hans cho for president

  6. Alison on

    hahahaha joe. scarlet wu is making her debut by singing the national anthem this week. and every week.

  7. pauleeo on

    can we please have scarlet sing national anthem for the all start game and the finals? also can we have an all star game dunk contest on the lower hoops that the 5th graders probably use at ps111?

    • clintron on

      I second lower hoops dunk contest, just no hanging on the rim. have to have 3 point shootout too!

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