half baked ideas

sup players.  happy 2010.  basketball season 2 is starting again so gonna try to start blogging again.  also promise to write non basketball related blogs.  any topic requests are welcome in comments. will even write about dating/relationships if questions are specific.  

anyway for now inspired by kevin wildes on the bill simmons podcast, here are some half-baked ideas on improving parties

1.  the time penalty party – have you ever been to a party where you cant eat because people are late?  or the food gets cold cuz you wait for that guy who is just “five minutes away”?  i say hit them where it hurts and have a time penalty party.   lets say the party is supposed to start at 7:30.  people that come early pay less for food, people that are on time pay for what they should and people who are late are penalized.  people who rsvp but no show are still required to pay a fine.  this way, food can be ordered on time and eaten when its warm. 

2. food estimation web site – 25 ppl are coming to my party and i have to order papa johns.  honestly, i have no idea how much food i need to order. it’s just too hard!!! so whats the solution.  make a website where you can enter the number of people, along with their demographic info, along with popular food places and have the web site tell you how much food you should order.  simple and easy.  

3. the survivor party – everyones been to a party that gets crashed by people who are unwelcome.  they are the notorious funkillers that everyone dreads.  so what should we do? the survivor themed party where one person from the party is voted off every 30 minutes.  the people voted off either have to leave the party all together, or stay in an unpleasant place(ie: bathroom/walkin closet) and listen to everyone else having fun at the party.  party peoples can play random games like rock band, wii games,and board games to simulate teh games taht are played on survivor to determine immunity etc. 


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  1. Alison on

    too many people that arrive early becomes a nuisance too, unless they can all entertain themselves or each other.

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