RWCBA Championship: One Shining Moment Edition

RWCBA is in mayhem! Why? Because the Ruckus has been delivered.

finals box score:

Team Ruckus continues its magical playoff run and pulled off its biggest upset, beating the previously unbeaten Rosen Ones 60-56.  A team that sturggled mightly during the regular season, Team Ruckus put on a dazzling display of team basketball on both ends of the court.  Playoff MVP Lamont Chichester continued to show THE FIRE that great players display and finished with a dazzling 25 pts, 4 rebs, 2 assts, 4 steals with no turnovers.  Regular season MVP Ronell John was just as strong with 26 pts 3 rebs 3 assts and 1 steal and was simply unstoppable in the second half.  In fact, he was so unstoppable, Citizen watches announced today they’re dropping Eli Manning as their sponsor in favor of the RWCBA star.

admit it. you want a citizen watch now.

Team Ruckus’s strong play, however, was able to overcome the two man duo of Ronell and Dongchul.  In a season marred with absolutely turrrrrible free throw shooting, team captain Dan Kim showed his steller veteran leadership by sinking two key free throws at the end of the game to put things out of the reach.  All in all, a great game to end a great season.  Congrats to team ruckus! Rumor has it that they’ll be joining Kevin Garnett in the next ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!!!!! campaign.  For those interested in the Sports Illustrated commemorative champion TEAM RUCKUS edition, please give $1,000 to Hans Cho the next time you see him.  Your issue will be delivered sometime in the future.

THE CHAMPS! Eugene's arm is too big for the picture.

So now what?  for those of you hungry for RWCBA action, fret not my friends.  RWCBA is pleased to announce its offseason DVD series.  inspired by Kobe Doin Work, RWCBA has hired (church)award winning movie producer and head of Greenleaf productions Jon Law for our own <insertname> doin work series. future movies include:

Andy doin’ work:  after quiting his ibanking job, Andy Oh aimlessly wanders the streets of Manhattan with his new found free time.  then determined to win next season’s championship, he begins training with his new puppy winston, running along the river.

Paul doin’ work: brutally disappointed with his team’s semifinal lost, Paul begins his 1,000 squats a day program.  Also inspired by these wise words from jersey shore: “Your bank account can be low, but you always gotta look fresh.  always gotta have new kicks and a fresh haircut”, Paul will be documented buying a new pair of Reebok PUMPS to further increase his vertical.

Jung doing’work: this dvd just features jung at work.  sorry.

Andrew doin’ work: heartbroken after his team’s final loss, andrew han returns to his native canada for some soul searching.  inspired  to improve his game, he curls for 8 hours a day to improve his hand-eye coordination. then after watching rocky IV, he runs up mountains and lifts rocks to improve his physical conditioning.

jooho doin’ work: this dvd just features jooho at church meetings. sorry.

jooheon doin’ work: in the final and most emotional documentary of the series, jooheon has an emotional breakup with his true love: ramen.  The opening scene shows jooheon rummaging through the trash for the ramen that he had previously thrown out as his body tries to fight through ramen withdrawal. warning to all, this dvd is not for the faint of heart.

as for RWCBA, we are hiring!  please apply in the comments:

custodian/ballboy: the floors are slippery, so RWCBA is looking for a qualified custodian to help wipe the floors during the games.  this job provides unparalleled access to RWCBA action.  applicants will be asked to display the waxon/waxoff technique performed by Daniel-son in the karate kid. rumor has it this was current RWCBA commissioner Hans Cho’s first job in his rise to his current position.

sideline reporter: do you want to be the next erin andrews?  next year, RWCBA will try to have interviews with players before and after games.  Applicants must have a strong grasp of the english language as well as personal hygiene. Ugly people need not apply.

bookie: people are dying to lay some action on these exciting RWCBA games, so we are looking for a qualified bookie to handle our gambling action.  Applicants must have read Tim Donaghy’s “personal foul”.  Applicants will also be asked to succesfuly beat up Kevin Kim.  If you cant collect your debts, you won’t be a good bookie.

all in all, thanks everyone for a great season.  till next time!


4 comments so far

  1. jp on

    i’ll say it again. great job, commish.


  2. joooooo on

    great season and virtual standing ovation to the blogger/commissioner/bible reader/philosopher/and lady’s man extraordinaire. great job on these hilarious posts, we all appreciate it even though most of us don’t comment all the time.

    Thank the good Lord we didn’t have any serious injuries or damaged relationships, PTL!

  3. alison on

    great blogs. will miss reading these in my cube.

  4. pauleeo on

    jung at work. awesome. hilarious.

    great job commishinner cho. great.

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