hello sports fans.  its been quite some time.  since our last update, the RWCBA regular season ended, and two teams saw their dream of RWCBA glory die.  we are nearing the end of the dream, and the final battle will soon be on our hands.  speaking of final battles, is there a greater final battle than NINJA ASSASSIN?  what a quality picture with some quality writing including: “That breath will be my first” and “tree no have heart”.   thank you BI for not being able to speak engslih and trying to dominate the english speaking market.

as for week 5, some teams won and some teams lost. It did signify the end of the regular season, which means, AWARDS! so here we go:

RWCBA First Team
pg: andy oh

sg: ronell john

sf: aaron yip

pf: jooheon yon

c: timo

RWCBA Second Team

pg: Lamont Chichester

sg: Ben Shim

sf: Sam Kwon

pf: Mark Ro

c: kevin kim

MVP: ronell john

defensive player(on steroids) of the year: Kevin Kim

commissioner of the year: Hans Cho

superfan of the year: alison chen

scorekeeper of the year: john park

timekeeper of the year: melissa hijioka

blogger of the year: Hans Cho

it was a great inagural season.  thanks to all for the great memories.  now w’ere on to….PLAYOFFS! PLAYOFFS? PLAYOFFS!!!!!

Round 1:


Team RUCKUS 48 – Team Heartbreak 47

Team Hero: Lamont Chichester and John Park

UPSET SPECIAL BABY!!!!!  This game exhibited two classical sports team conditions.  After a strong end to the regular season, Team Heartbreak fell victim to the looking ahead to next week syndrome, assuming that victory against team ruckus who struggled down the stretch.  on the other hand, TEAM RUCKUS rose to the occasion and played the deadly “no one believes in us card”.  Led by a firey Lamont and an outside hibachi bonanza from the Mayor John Park, team ruckus showed a fire and a determination not to lose that has yet to be seen in RWCBA. The magical journey has begun.  DONT STOP BELIEVING.


JUNTAO (42) – NYU Fighting Violets (38).

Team Hero: Joo Heon Yoon

A game that can be summarized with one stats: Joo Heoon Yoon 5 assists.  In a game where both teams struggled to score in the half court, the fast break combo of Joo Heon to Dave Park created enough easy baskets for JUNTAO to pull out the victory.  Dave Park continues to have puzzling pre-game rituals which so far have included playing a 2 hour lacross game and biking for one hour in previous weeks.  Rumor has it that he has decided to stay up for 40 straight hours and then climb bear mountain before this week’s game.  Kevin Kim finished his season strongly with 15 points and 9 rebs, and was finally allowed to vent his frustration by slamming a ball now that the threat of season suspension no longer exists. unable to deal with the sorrow of losing, kevin proceeded to purchase the cutest dog in the world.

if you dont thikn this is cute, then you have problems.

This week’s games: THE FINAL FOUR!

rosen ones vs. juntao – the unstoppable force(ronell) meets the unmovable object(jooheon).  which superstar can carry his team to the promise land?

fade to black vs. team ruckus –  the defense of fade to black versus the perimeter attack of team ruckus.  fade to black struggled for a half against ruckus in their first matchup before pulling the win out.  will team ruckus be able to match the fire and intensity the showed in week 1?


9 comments so far

  1. joooooo on

    this is such a cool write up, makes me bloated with anticipation. can we make nicknames for everyone? i want to be storm shadow.

  2. Lauren on

    man, i have to stop reading your posts in class… i actually lol’d

  3. Random person not from team Ruckus... on

    Team Ruckus Rocks!!

  4. ray on

    going to be a great next 2 sundays

  5. Alison on

    the violets will be back next season better, faster, stronger! honorable mentions go to the purple squad. fight fight fight.

  6. really looking forward to the latest update on

    can you please update soon? we want to look at the stats!

  7. yooooooo on

    upddaaaaaaateeeeeeeeeee pleeeeeeeeaaaaaaaasssssseeeeeee!

  8. Hans is awesome on

    going to be an epic battle this Sunday between da ruckus and the ro-sen ones… you gotta put together a super bowl worthy type preview article for this week… u know, PG vs PG. SG vs SG. SF vs SF. PF vs PF. C vs C. Bench vs Bench. and some of the key watch-outs…

    do yo magic hans

  9. boo on

    no update yet? it’s Wed!!

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