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things you learn while trying to buy something off craigslist:

real email i got while trying to buy something off craigslist:

The last guy flaked on me so I still have it for sale.  Instead of posting it again I thought I’d see if you still want it.  We can meet up but first I want you to get this certificate to prove you’re not a sex offender:  http://bit.ly/ikrdpe It’s totally free you don’t need a credit card or anything and it only takes a minute.  Just email me back with the certificate and then I’ll give you my number so we can figure out where to meet.

RWCBA Season Update: House of Bricks Edition

hello sports fans! RWCBA season 2 has started with a clang.  No not a bang, but a clang like the one hears from many jump shots hitting the rim and not going in.  Offensive efficiency is nowhere to be found with teams routinely shooting below 30% from the field.  Under criticism that league expansion was a mistake, RWCBA commissioner Hans Cho belives he’s found the answer:

Can this save the RWBA fg%?

When asked to comment on rumors that Nike would like to open the House of Clang sneaker store across from PS 111 to benefit from the sub par RWCBA league play, the commissioner chose to decline.  Let’s go on to the games:

Game 1: Above Average Joes(41) – Team Eric (27)

In the inaugural game of season 2, reigning MVP Ronell John continued where he left off last season with 24 points along with 4 3’s and a perfect 8-8 day from the line.  He may have found a perfect sidekick in bigman Peter Hatsorf who chipped in with 8 points and 11 boards.  Team Eric struggled without key offensive player Mark Ro who was again out in search of the McRib sandwich.  In the middle of the 2nd half, team captain Eric shouted at his team to make good passes, which brought a murmur from the crowd.  “Good passing? What’s that?” one RWCBAer asked another on the sideline.  “Ah dont worry about that,” the other replied. “It’s a myth.  like unicorns.  Just take the shots you want.”

Game 2: Surgical Strike (52) versus Jersey Shore All Stars (46)

A game of runs that eventually saw Surgical Strike’s youth and energy overcome the veteran savvy of the Jersey Shore All Stars.  Two of RWCBA’s premier big men, Dong Chul “DC” Paek and Timo, squared off in the middle with both playing well with 21 pts/13 rebs and 18 pts and 14 rebs respectively.  Team Captain Andy Oh has 6 assists for Surgical Strike which made heads explode as he broke the previous RWCBA high of 5.  Andrew Han wore penny 2s which were obviously admired by all.


Game 3: Team Jooheon(48) vs. Team Walter(34)

The final game of week 1 featured the core of last seasons champs in Team Walter.  Would their championship fuel them to even greater heights or would they suffer from the dreaded complacency of the Riley effect.  PF Eugene Park still must deal with the long distance girlfriend, an injury even tricker to deal with than plancar fasciatis.  SG John Park has also found love as he is heavily involved with Modern Warfare 2.  “who needs a girl when you have a scarh?” the sg was overhead telling friends.  Jooheon Yoon showed that his Jooheon Doin’ Work DVD should be a hotseller as he started the season off strong with 29 pts and 7 boards.  New big man Hyun Soo Ko made his defensive presence felt with 3 block shots.  Sadly, there was no finger waving.

Can this combo win a title?

Week 2:

game 1: Team Darkness (41) – Jersey Shore All Stars (38) Double OT

Another game that will go down in RWCBA history as the first overtime and double overtime game in RWCBA history.  While many overtime classics feature star players trading sick shots back and forth, these two teams got to double overtime another way by scoring zero points in the first overtime.  Clinton Lee provided the dagger 3 in the double overtime that put away the Jersey Shore All Stars into the Darkness.   Mike Oh almost tied a game with a 3 at the buzzer which rimmed out, prompting PF Kevin Kim to say that he almost crapped in his pants.  Since Kevin almost craps in his pants all the time, this quote was not considered newsworthy by anyone.

Please join RWC Welcoming. We need you. Yes you.

game 2: Team Ben 57 – Surgical Strike All stars 24.

An utter demolishing as team Ben came out and made a statement.  Captain Ben Shim singlehandedly outscored Surgical Strike 25-24 with an array of driving layups, jumpers and 3s.  Rumor has it that he used the NBA Jam Big heads Code in order to ensure that he would be on fire and unstoppable for the game.  Overall team ben shot 55% from the field, 72.7% from the free throw line and had one turnover.  Efficiency that has never been seen in RWCBA.  After the game, however, the team received bad news as key offensive cog sam kwon has decided to go on missions again.  Essentially the equivalent of microfracture surgery, the missions decision is a blow to team ben’s chances to win a championship.  but yay for God.


game 6: team jooheon 36 – team eric 32

A game where both teams struggled, and back to back 3s by jooheon and mikechung were too much for team eric to overcome.  New addition to the RWCBA WAGs jeannie huang was surpsingly quiet after her boo’s 3, prompting one blogger that she needs to get some lessons from some of the other WAGs.  Big man Hyunsoo all but locked up the blocks season lead with a four block effort.  Team Eric still struggles to find its offensive identity.



1. above average joes – the ronell/peter combo may be rwcba’s version of kobe and gasol.

2. team ben: an impressive first game, but can they recover from losing sam?

3.  team jooheon – a team where people are embracing their roles.  if hyunsoo develops on offense, watch out.

4.  team darkness – incredibly physical team with strong rebounding.  the key to this season will be half court offense.

5. team walter – the champ still live and die by the 3.

6. surgical strike – benson george where are you?  depth issues are hurting this team.

7. team eric – still trying to figure out their offense.

8. jersey shore all stars- too old.

RWCBA Season 2 Preview: lets get it onnnnnnnnnnnnnn

welcome back sports fans.  after a brief hiatus, rwcba will begin this week. a lot has happened since last season including the Jersey Shore, massachusets electing a republican senator, and the jets almost making the superbowl.  i’ll say it again, “anything is possibbbbbbbbleee.”  The great success of season 1 has led to league expansion to eight teams as well as the first ever RWCBA all-star game with fan voting.  that’s right, you the fans get to vote for your very own all stars.  will all of nyu vote for their fighting violets?   only time will tell.  anyway, here we go with the much awaited:


1. team walter – the defending champs come back minus dan, clinton and steve who were lost to league expansion.  still retaining the core of lamont, eugene, and jp, the defending champs add newcomers colin and jason chang to hteir starting five.  Deserving of  this top spot until proven otherwise, this team should defend its crown with honor.

will we see this picture again?

2. team joe – unstoppable force ronell is done selling citizen watches in the offseason and is now ready to capture the title that eluded him last season.  rabid jets fan joe now wants to be called the joechize.  peter is really tall.  jooho is good but never here.  all in all this will be a really good team.  doug kim likes duke and thus he sucks at life.  if you want proof here:

dook sucks.

3. team jooheon – another team with an unstoppable offensive force. jooheon has been doin work this offseason.  lots of it.  newcomer hyunsoo ko somehow has earned the title of developmental big man even though by his sheer height he is better than 80% of RWCBA.  newcomer jon oh has the same kicks as league mvp ronell john. could this lead to a rap-style feud?  only time will tell.  dongyung’s chest is really big. the end.

this kid's got tremendous upside potential

4.  team ben – the reincarnation of the nyu fighting violets with the starting five of sam kwon and aaron(current students), ben and paul(alums) and james juhn(grad school alum).  this team will have the support of the super fans, and consequently, this may be the starting five in the all star game.  sam and aaron should be a deadly offensive duo.

is this the future of the sam and aaron combo?

5. team andy – who’s the most important man on team andy? andy oh? dongchul paek?  nope. the most important man is the academic dean of touro medical college. team andy has 4 touro med students meaning that they are at the mercy of the med school testing schedule.  at full force, this could be a deadly team that has a little bit of everything.  but one bad test week, and we could have a situation. newcomer john kim sucks at life. that is all.

uhoh, medschool.

6. team clinton – A supremely athletic and physical team.  secretly no one cars whether this team wins or loses.  all we want to see is adam e. dunk in a game(preferably not on hanscho please).  if danillo gallinari can do it, so can you adam, we believe!.  kevin kim will be required to pee in a cup before all games. rumor also has it that he has been making his new puppy winston run 15 miles a day with him. PETA plans to rally at all of team clinton’s games.


7.  team eric – welcome to the basketball league 6’3 newcomer jake simon.  eric, if this guy is a ringer, i will kill you. this can be a solid team in the style of teamruckus if they figure out how to play together as the season goes along.  will mark ro make more trips down under to see his boo?  team eric hopes not.

doesnt really have anything to do with this team, but larry david is superawesome!

8. team hans AKA the jersey shore all stars.  so far the only team with a team name.  we have:

andrew han – the lumberjack(a jacked dood from canadaeh?  who jacks up shots)

timo as t-pain(bringing the pain inside)

jon kim as young jeezy(the young energetic sidekick of t-pain)

jon law as the producer(director of greenleaf productions, this stud produces on and off the court).

david lee as angelina (much like angelina was rarely see on jersey shore, david may be too busy saving lives as a doctor to make the games)

dan kim as the elder  (first he drops a 3, then he drops some wisdom).

mike oh as mikey o(notice, please spell without the h – the quintessential jersey boy.  he even roots for the nets.)

hans as the gamemaster(secretly enjoys playing board games more than basketball).

we may not win all of our games, but when we do, vigorous celebration will follow:



half baked ideas

sup players.  happy 2010.  basketball season 2 is starting again so gonna try to start blogging again.  also promise to write non basketball related blogs.  any topic requests are welcome in comments. will even write about dating/relationships if questions are specific.  

anyway for now inspired by kevin wildes on the bill simmons podcast, here are some half-baked ideas on improving parties

1.  the time penalty party – have you ever been to a party where you cant eat because people are late?  or the food gets cold cuz you wait for that guy who is just “five minutes away”?  i say hit them where it hurts and have a time penalty party.   lets say the party is supposed to start at 7:30.  people that come early pay less for food, people that are on time pay for what they should and people who are late are penalized.  people who rsvp but no show are still required to pay a fine.  this way, food can be ordered on time and eaten when its warm. 

2. food estimation web site – 25 ppl are coming to my party and i have to order papa johns.  honestly, i have no idea how much food i need to order. it’s just too hard!!! so whats the solution.  make a website where you can enter the number of people, along with their demographic info, along with popular food places and have the web site tell you how much food you should order.  simple and easy.  

3. the survivor party – everyones been to a party that gets crashed by people who are unwelcome.  they are the notorious funkillers that everyone dreads.  so what should we do? the survivor themed party where one person from the party is voted off every 30 minutes.  the people voted off either have to leave the party all together, or stay in an unpleasant place(ie: bathroom/walkin closet) and listen to everyone else having fun at the party.  party peoples can play random games like rock band, wii games,and board games to simulate teh games taht are played on survivor to determine immunity etc. 

the best email ever.

so written on my facebook wall:

Stephanie Yang:  happy bday! your pens will be here soon!

then received via facebook:

NAME DELETED FOR PROTECTION. December 21 at 10:50am
haha… that birthday message that steph wrote you, I glanced at it and read it as “your penis will be here soon”. Scared the crap outta me. hahah

RWCBA Championship: One Shining Moment Edition

RWCBA is in mayhem! Why? Because the Ruckus has been delivered.

finals box score: http://spreadsheets.google.com/ccc?key=0AuUFUFrWrCr7dGdJSnJic0JXUUhaVm9FWS1XOFdJd3c&hl=en

Team Ruckus continues its magical playoff run and pulled off its biggest upset, beating the previously unbeaten Rosen Ones 60-56.  A team that sturggled mightly during the regular season, Team Ruckus put on a dazzling display of team basketball on both ends of the court.  Playoff MVP Lamont Chichester continued to show THE FIRE that great players display and finished with a dazzling 25 pts, 4 rebs, 2 assts, 4 steals with no turnovers.  Regular season MVP Ronell John was just as strong with 26 pts 3 rebs 3 assts and 1 steal and was simply unstoppable in the second half.  In fact, he was so unstoppable, Citizen watches announced today they’re dropping Eli Manning as their sponsor in favor of the RWCBA star.

admit it. you want a citizen watch now.

Team Ruckus’s strong play, however, was able to overcome the two man duo of Ronell and Dongchul.  In a season marred with absolutely turrrrrible free throw shooting, team captain Dan Kim showed his steller veteran leadership by sinking two key free throws at the end of the game to put things out of the reach.  All in all, a great game to end a great season.  Congrats to team ruckus! Rumor has it that they’ll be joining Kevin Garnett in the next ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!!!!! campaign.  For those interested in the Sports Illustrated commemorative champion TEAM RUCKUS edition, please give $1,000 to Hans Cho the next time you see him.  Your issue will be delivered sometime in the future.

THE CHAMPS! Eugene's arm is too big for the picture.

So now what?  for those of you hungry for RWCBA action, fret not my friends.  RWCBA is pleased to announce its offseason DVD series.  inspired by Kobe Doin Work, RWCBA has hired (church)award winning movie producer and head of Greenleaf productions Jon Law for our own <insertname> doin work series. future movies include:

Andy doin’ work:  after quiting his ibanking job, Andy Oh aimlessly wanders the streets of Manhattan with his new found free time.  then determined to win next season’s championship, he begins training with his new puppy winston, running along the river.

Paul doin’ work: brutally disappointed with his team’s semifinal lost, Paul begins his 1,000 squats a day program.  Also inspired by these wise words from jersey shore: “Your bank account can be low, but you always gotta look fresh.  always gotta have new kicks and a fresh haircut”, Paul will be documented buying a new pair of Reebok PUMPS to further increase his vertical.

Jung doing’work: this dvd just features jung at work.  sorry.

Andrew doin’ work: heartbroken after his team’s final loss, andrew han returns to his native canada for some soul searching.  inspired  to improve his game, he curls for 8 hours a day to improve his hand-eye coordination. then after watching rocky IV, he runs up mountains and lifts rocks to improve his physical conditioning.

jooho doin’ work: this dvd just features jooho at church meetings. sorry.

jooheon doin’ work: in the final and most emotional documentary of the series, jooheon has an emotional breakup with his true love: ramen.  The opening scene shows jooheon rummaging through the trash for the ramen that he had previously thrown out as his body tries to fight through ramen withdrawal. warning to all, this dvd is not for the faint of heart.

as for RWCBA, we are hiring!  please apply in the comments:

custodian/ballboy: the floors are slippery, so RWCBA is looking for a qualified custodian to help wipe the floors during the games.  this job provides unparalleled access to RWCBA action.  applicants will be asked to display the waxon/waxoff technique performed by Daniel-son in the karate kid. rumor has it this was current RWCBA commissioner Hans Cho’s first job in his rise to his current position.

sideline reporter: do you want to be the next erin andrews?  next year, RWCBA will try to have interviews with players before and after games.  Applicants must have a strong grasp of the english language as well as personal hygiene. Ugly people need not apply.

bookie: people are dying to lay some action on these exciting RWCBA games, so we are looking for a qualified bookie to handle our gambling action.  Applicants must have read Tim Donaghy’s “personal foul”.  Applicants will also be asked to succesfuly beat up Kevin Kim.  If you cant collect your debts, you won’t be a good bookie.

all in all, thanks everyone for a great season.  till next time!


PARTY PEOPLES! It’s the week we’ve all been waiting for: the RWCBA Championship Game.  This past week, Rosen Ones once again exerted its offensive dominance while the magical ride of team Ruckus sees no end.  it’s a true Cinderella matchup between the first and last seeds from the regular season.  Ballers everywhere have been inspired by team ruckus, and RWCBA commissioner is in furious negotiations with Disney for the TV movie rights which will be airing on the lifetime network.  Highlights of the movie include john park’s “no one believes in us”, a shower acapella scene with walter, and clinton losing his desire to play ball followed by the obligatory “your team needs you speech” by dan. actors who have contacted to play in this stellar film include bi, john cho, lee byung hyun rick yune, and yul kwon as these are the only remotely famous asian men. after his epic performance in ninja assassin, bi will not be given any speaking lines.  aspiring actor doug kim is hoping to use this movie as a springboard to his career. The rosen ones are going to be portrayed as the second coming of Cobra Kai from the karate kid, led by ruthless Canadian gang leader andrew han.  sorry, but every movie needs a villain. keep your eyes out for this movie.

before we preview this week’s championship game, lets recap what happened last week:


game 1: rosen ones(63)  vs. JUNTAO(50)

in the end, the rosen ones just had too much firepower for JUNTAO.  frequently injured fowards Dongchul and Benson were able to play, leaving rosen ones only missing pinklion mark ro from being in full vultron form.  JUNTAO again suffered from injuries as big man Jung was spending time with his best friend Microsoft Excel and guard mikey suffered from an actual real life injury.  Jooheon Yoon proved worthy of his First Team selection, pouring out 38 pts with 10 rebs but ultimately did not receive enough help to overcome the young guns of the rosen ones.  ray lee proved that LASEK works with a solid effort, and mvp ronell was his usual excellent self.

game 2: team ruckus(49) vs. fade to black(31)

The RUCKUS continues baby as fade to black suffers a disappointing end to its season.  Right now, team ruckus is uber-dangerous as they are playing strong team basketball and getting contributions from across the board.  While Fade to Black continued to play strong defense, their season-long offensive woes finally caught up to them as they struggled to score in the 2nd half.  PG Andy Oh was inspired by Ron Artest and was seen out celebrating a birthday the night before and struggled to find his legs for his jump shot.  Captain Dan Kim hit a backbreaking 3 pointer in the 2nd half that put the nail in fade to black’s coffin.


while one reader of this blog requested a basketball breakdown of this game, this blog is going to breakdown what matters. lets go:

team names:

rosen ones or ruckus.  rose ones wins on creativity, but also gets a negative mark for being shamelessly self promoting.  ruckus is actually does what a name is supposed to by describing the way this team plays defense.  advantage: RUCKUS

individual names:

rosen ones: cool names: ronell, dongchul benson.  boring names: andrew, mark brian, jonathan,

ruckus: cool names: lamont, clinton, walter boring names: dan, john, stephen, david   advantage: PUSH

medical care:

rosen ones: andrew the dentist and two med school students in dongchul and benson

ruckus: physical therapist clinton  advantage: ROSEN ONES

WAGs (wives and girlfriends)

rosen ones: pui, haein, juliawang lee

ruckus: jenwhang kim, linda lee, mia joo,

a very hard calll to make.  as the RWCBA continues to look for sources of income, rumor has it that a WWF 3 vs. 3 cage match is scheduled between the WAGs.  No one wants part of ghettofab Pui, although there are also rumors that linda lee is a robot and not a human being.  negative points to rosen ones as instead of watching her man dominate on the courts, haein instead has lured mark down under for this week’s game.  advantage: Ruckus

will pui do this to linda on the sidelines????


rosen ones: andrew han

ruckus: none.  advantage: RUCKUS

pretty self explanatory here.  no one likes canadians.

so there we have it.  our championship preview.  this one is up in the air folks.  can ruckus overcome the ferociousness of WAG Pui?  Can the rosen ones overcome having a canadian on their team?  We can only wonder till this sunday.


hello sports fans.  its been quite some time.  since our last update, the RWCBA regular season ended, and two teams saw their dream of RWCBA glory die.  we are nearing the end of the dream, and the final battle will soon be on our hands.  speaking of final battles, is there a greater final battle than NINJA ASSASSIN?  what a quality picture with some quality writing including: “That breath will be my first” and “tree no have heart”.   thank you BI for not being able to speak engslih and trying to dominate the english speaking market.

as for week 5, some teams won and some teams lost. It did signify the end of the regular season, which means, AWARDS! so here we go:

RWCBA First Team
pg: andy oh

sg: ronell john

sf: aaron yip

pf: jooheon yon

c: timo

RWCBA Second Team

pg: Lamont Chichester

sg: Ben Shim

sf: Sam Kwon

pf: Mark Ro

c: kevin kim

MVP: ronell john

defensive player(on steroids) of the year: Kevin Kim

commissioner of the year: Hans Cho

superfan of the year: alison chen

scorekeeper of the year: john park

timekeeper of the year: melissa hijioka

blogger of the year: Hans Cho

it was a great inagural season.  thanks to all for the great memories.  now w’ere on to….PLAYOFFS! PLAYOFFS? PLAYOFFS!!!!!

Round 1:

stats: http://spreadsheets.google.com/ccc?key=0AuUFUFrWrCr7dGdJSnJic0JXUUhaVm9FWS1XOFdJd3c&hl=en

Team RUCKUS 48 – Team Heartbreak 47

Team Hero: Lamont Chichester and John Park

UPSET SPECIAL BABY!!!!!  This game exhibited two classical sports team conditions.  After a strong end to the regular season, Team Heartbreak fell victim to the looking ahead to next week syndrome, assuming that victory against team ruckus who struggled down the stretch.  on the other hand, TEAM RUCKUS rose to the occasion and played the deadly “no one believes in us card”.  Led by a firey Lamont and an outside hibachi bonanza from the Mayor John Park, team ruckus showed a fire and a determination not to lose that has yet to be seen in RWCBA. The magical journey has begun.  DONT STOP BELIEVING.


JUNTAO (42) – NYU Fighting Violets (38).

Team Hero: Joo Heon Yoon

A game that can be summarized with one stats: Joo Heoon Yoon 5 assists.  In a game where both teams struggled to score in the half court, the fast break combo of Joo Heon to Dave Park created enough easy baskets for JUNTAO to pull out the victory.  Dave Park continues to have puzzling pre-game rituals which so far have included playing a 2 hour lacross game and biking for one hour in previous weeks.  Rumor has it that he has decided to stay up for 40 straight hours and then climb bear mountain before this week’s game.  Kevin Kim finished his season strongly with 15 points and 9 rebs, and was finally allowed to vent his frustration by slamming a ball now that the threat of season suspension no longer exists. unable to deal with the sorrow of losing, kevin proceeded to purchase the cutest dog in the world.

if you dont thikn this is cute, then you have problems.

This week’s games: THE FINAL FOUR!

rosen ones vs. juntao – the unstoppable force(ronell) meets the unmovable object(jooheon).  which superstar can carry his team to the promise land?

fade to black vs. team ruckus –  the defense of fade to black versus the perimeter attack of team ruckus.  fade to black struggled for a half against ruckus in their first matchup before pulling the win out.  will team ruckus be able to match the fire and intensity the showed in week 1?


hello sports fans!  sorry again for the delay, but this reporter is still enjoying the recent victory of the NEW YORK YANKEES.  we wont be having any commissioner updates this week as he is busy meeting with jimmy rollins who is considering a career change after his abysmal performance and has recently applied to play in RWCBA.  rumor has it that the application is denied.  week 4 of rwcba created history yet again, both good and bad.

week 4 stats:


Game 1: Team Heartbreak (43) – Team Ruckus (30)

Finally, the pre-season sports illustrated curse is over as Team Heartbreak gets its first win of the season.  They were led again by the two-pronged offensive attack of Aaron and Timo, who scored 14 and 11 points respectively. Team Captain Jaemin continues his resurgence with 6 points and 9 rebounds.  when asked how his team finally got off the schnide, jaemin revealed his motivational techniques: “To get ready for the game, I’ll make my team listen to Mariah’s heart breaker and watch jennifer love hewitt’s movie heart breakers.” a team who is truly embracing their identity.  Team Ruckus continues to lie and die by its outside shooting and this week proved to be an off week.

Game 2: Rosen Ones(30) – JUNTAO (12) conceded at halftime.

not much to say here as this game was over before it even began.  Members of the crime-syndicate JUNTAO were too busy with other affairs to play basketball and the team only fielded five players and had to concede at halftime due to injuries. Next week, the Rosen Ones should be tested as they play the hot Fade to Black and JUNTAO should be back to full strength.

Game 3: Fade to Black(48) – Fighting Violets(41) in overtime.

easily the game of the week, this game created several historical landmarks, including the first overtime game in RWCBA history.  It was also the first game altered decisively by fouls as Jon Kim, Paul Lee and Kevin Kim all fouled out.  Coincidentally, some of these players have been accused in the past of violent sports tempers and roid rage.  ben wallace clone Kevin Kim was again given superstar treatment in the 2nd half, prompting accusations of league corruption.   The commissioner’s office chose not to respond to these allegations.  Sam Kwon hit an impressive game tying 3 at the buzzer, propelling this game into overtime.  lets just say he has BIG ONES.  In overtime, however, the fighting violets were not able to overcome the loss of Kevin to fouls, giving up key offensive rebounds.  Fade to Black has bounced back strongly after its opening week loss and next week battles Rosen Ones for the regular season championship.  Will the Fighting Violets ever see Jooho Lee play?

1. Rosen Ones(4-0, next week vs. Fade to Black).  Yankee Comparison: Mariano Rivera.


Right now this team is just going out and getting the job done, much like beloved Yankee Closer Mariano Rivera.   With a win next week, this team can lock up the #1 seed going into the playoffs.  Either way, they are insured of a bye.  Until proven other wise, the favorites to win the championship, but next week’s game against fade to black should prove to be good.

<–For now , no one’s been able to touch this team, especially jimmy rollins.

2. Fade To Black(3-1, next week vs. the Rosen Ones).  Yankee Comparison: Mark Texiera

mark-teixeira-2 A team that has not tasted defeat with their starting squad, Fade to Black remains strong at the number two spot this week despite a scare from team NYU.  While their offense sputters at time, their defensive effort always remains strong much like the most excellent yankee first basemen.  Next week proves to be the biggest game of the regular season when this team faces top seed Rosen Ones for a battle of regular season supremacy.  In other sports news, mark teixiera is said to be in a heated battle with Knicks power foward Danillo Gallinari in the first annual douchebag faced athletes tournament.

<– defense wins championships.  so does money.

3. Team Heartbreak(1-3, next week vs. JUNTAO) Yankee comparison: Alex Rodriguez

alex_rodriguez_home4 A 1-3 team as #3?  Yes, because it seems like this team might finally be reaching its enormous potential.  The previous losses were oh so close, much like Arod’s warning track flyballs in previous playoff years.  hey if arod can be clutch in the playoffs, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!!!!!!!  a team that no one wants to face in the playoffs.  taking various cues from AROD,  jaemin has been dating a washedup kpop movie star to improve his mental attitude, timo has been sailing on a boat around jersey city, and mike oh has recently commissioned a painter to create a halfcentaur/halfman portrait that he can place above his bed.

<—- if this man can come through in the playoffs, then this team can win RWCBA.

4. JUNTAO (2-2, next week vs. Team Heartbreak) Yankee comparison: AJ Burnett

Got pie a team that remains inconsistent due to injuries much like the yankees #2 starter.  the good can be really good, but the bad can be really bad as shown by this past week.  in the end, this team could go all the way or throw out a klunker performance.  no one really knows.  Next week’s matchup against Team HEARTBREAK should also prove to be interesting as it faces a team that many chose as the preseason favorites. which JUNTAO will show up?

<– will JUNTAO be celebrating at the end of the season by pieing each other?  only time will tell.

5. Team Ruckus(1-3, against FIGHTING VIOLETS) Yankee Comparison: Andy Pettite

andy-pettite-yankee A team of RWC veterans, Ruckus is currently living and dying by its outside shooting, much as andy pettite now lives and dies by the effectiveness of his cut fastball.  Everyone knows that these RWC vets are incredibly crafty with a full bag of tricks that can produce a victory at any moment.  Taking cues from andy pettite, john park and captain dan kim have recently called Brian McNamee for some “cream’ that might aid in muscle development and shorten injury recovery time.  With a playoff system thats one and done, no one wants to play team that can light it up from the three point line.

<– RUCKUS, capable of picking you off at any moment, just like this man.

6. Fighting Violets(1-3, against RUCKUS).  Yankee comparison: Johnny Damon

p1.johnny.damon currenlty on a three game losing streak after its initial win, the Fighting Violets still show the scrappiness and toughness that johnny damon does at the plate.  Much like Johnny, they have been battling the injury bug as star pf jooho lee has yet to suit up the game.  however, speaking with this team’s players, they seem to have gotten over the initial disappointment and are now rallying around their loss a la the 99 knicks or the 2008 houston rockets who lost ewing and yao.

<- will battle and battle until they get you.